5 Tricks Your Orthodontist Can Use to Improve Treatment with Invisalign

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Orthodontic treatment can be an intimidating process at first, as it takes a while before you truly get the hang of your orthodontic appliance. Luckily for you, you are not going through treatment alone. Your amazing orthodontist, Dr. Richard Graham, and the team here at BracesPlus near Indian Trail, NC will be right by your side.

5 Invisalign Tricks Orthodontist Use to Improve Treatment

1. Bumps. In terms of the Invisalign system, many of our new patients wonder how the clear aligners will attach to their teeth if they can be removed. They answer is: Dr. Graham places bumps (or attachments) on patient’s teeth that work to keep the aligners in place. This trick assures a close fit which helps this system better align patient’s smiles.

2. Rubber bands. Rubber bands can be used with systems other than braces to speed up treatment, as well as better align teeth so that patients can achieve a picture perfect smile.

3. Chewies. With a system like Invisalign, changing to a new set of aligners can be difficult, and sometimes your aligners won’t slide into their place easily. If this occurs, your aligners won’t be allowed to fully do their job. Aligner chewies (which you bite down on) will help push your aligners into place.

4. AcceleDent. AcceleDent helps to speed up the movement of your teeth. And the way this system works is it sends pulses to your teeth which increase the speed of their movement. The mouthpiece is placed right over your orthodontic appliance, and should be worn for about 20 minutes each day to achieve desired results.

5. Propel. Just like AcceleDent, Propel can also improve and speed up treatment. Administered by Dr. Graham about every six weeks, The Propel System works to make the bone surrounding your teeth softer so that it is easier for them to move into the desired position.

Orthodontics can be challenging, and patients will definitely learn discipline. However, we at BracesPlus have a few tricks up our sleeves which can be used to improve your orthodontic journey. For inquiries about these 5 tricks contact your favorite orthodontist, Dr. Graham, today!

Dr. Richard E. Graham and the team at BracesPlus are experts in orthodontia. If you have any questions pertaining to Invisalign®, Invisalign Teen®, braces and/or clear braces in the 28104 zip code area: Wesley Chapel, Union County, Waxhaw, Weddington, Indian Trail, or Monroe, NC, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Graham, contact BracesPlus at: 704.821.8008

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