Our Philosophy

smiles made to order


Sure, it’s easy to say you’re a good listener and that you’ll deliver on your promises. We know it’s much harder to prove it. But you’ve come to us for a reason, and we believe in listening to our orthodontic patients first to find out their chief dental concern. That’s where our philosophy starts. And after your first appointment with Dr. Graham you’ll see, right away, that we practice what we preach on a daily basis.


We not only treat you, we educate you. An educated patient is a comfortable patient. So you will always know every treatment option—and the cost of that option— available to you before you ever lean back, open wide, and show us your pearly whites.


Speaking of cost, our fees are fair. Just check around, and you’ll see. Because we don’t stretch out treatment longer than necessary, and because we never add on the extras that can cause a higher overall bill, your purse will probably leave our office a little heavier than you thought it would.


When it comes to scheduling, we offer flexible hours to fit your busy schedule, including early morning and evening appointments, as well as some slots on the weekend too. Also, an appointment is an appointment, and we’ll be on time. We like to take the “waiting” part out of a waiting room.


Again, we want to make your visit as seamless as possible. That’s why we became in-network providers for 12 of the largest and most popular insurance companies. Chances are your insurance will cover your treatment here—so yes, you can wipe that sweat from your brow right now.


We offer a BracesPlus™ guarantee on our work as long as the patient complies with their treatment requirements. Read that again. Work, guaranteed; the way it should be.


Obviously many of our patients are children, and we know the apprehension that can build in a child when the time comes for a pediatric visit to the orthodontist. We go out of our way to create a pleasant and nonthreatening environment for them, as evidenced by our children’s library. Don’t worry adults; you’ll get first-class treatment too.


We feel that as a small local orthodontics business,it’s important to give back to our community. We’re blessed to do what we love, but that love doesn’t have to remain confined within our walls.


Our suggestion box is not a place where feedback goes to die. We take our patient’s feedback—positive or negative—seriously. Then we act on it.


We work with state-of-the-art equipment. For example, we use a low-dose radiation x-ray machine. While x-rays are a necessary aspect of treatment, we’ve taken the extra steps to ensure that radiation exposure is as minimal as possible