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  • Clear Braces Weddington NC

    Are you thinking about getting clear braces? Clear braces are an alternative way to correct any bite or other functional problems, and we here at BracesPlus near Weddington NC work with our patients to ensure the best end results! 3 Fun Facts About Clear Braces There is no age limit. You’d be surprise that many of our patients […]

  • Clear Braces 28104

    Are you considering undergoing orthodontic treatment with clear braces? Excellence choice! This system has many advantages, and the best orthodontic treatment plan using clear braces in the 28104 zip code area is offered right here at BracesPlus! 3 Benefits of Clear Braces They are clear. The main benefit of this system according to our patients here at […]

  • Clear Braces Waxhaw NC


    Are you considering adult orthodontics but are hesitant? You’re not alone! Adult orthodontic cases are on the rise in the Waxhaw NC area as many adults are pursuing care with clear braces through BracesPlus with Dr. Richard Graham. 3 Fun Fact About Clear Braces Clear braces were studied in detail from 1970 to 1990. In 1997, […]